As women, we often find ourselves lacking the support and resources we need as we navigate our spiritual path. As we grow into higher versions of Self, we may begin to feel alone. A Treasure Box is designed to bring you gifts to reconnect – with Self, Others, Universe. We’re building a Tribe of women supporting women!

❤ You are not alone. 

At Treasures From The Universe, we are guided by forces unseen  who help us tap into our inner child – this is the space we have been called to create from. A pure essence that only knows love.

 You are loved by life. 

Oh, how you are loved by life. Surrounded by lush fields. Warm sunlight. Nature all around.  Accompanied by divine Guides. Never alone.

❤ You are chosen. 

To join us in Circle, where we are stronger together. Co-creating in divine timing and perfect alignment. The torch – the Light of Life – is being passed to you…

❤ The power is in your hands. 

The time is NOW. To alchemize and materialize the life of your dreams. Recognize how powerful you are. Come in alignment with divine creativity. Hold your head high and notice the sun in the sky.

Treasures From The Universe is your invitation to take a moment to breathe. To pause the busy-ness. To reconnect to the Self.  To remember that you are loved and never alone.

Domestic shipping prices available for US, Canada, UK, & Philippines

Sychronicity + Serendipity + Surprises

It’s during those moments of coincidence or when we feel lucky that we see glimpses of the Universe presenting itself to us. When we wipe our eyes and expand our mind, we realize the Universe always has our back!

Co-creating with the magical powers of Mama Earth we’re always taking in messages and gifts presented in our day to day life. It never hurts to have a bit of guidance on our journey that can make all the difference in how we feel into what’s happening for us in this life.

Ultimately, there are no coincidences and only synchronicity truly exists here on Earth. All events in your life are perfectly aligned to help lead you down the path of least resistance.

Sometimes it feels like turbulence on an airplane, other times floating down a river without a care in the world or at certain turns you’re unsure of what to do next. Embrace the act of asking for guidance, this creates a special way to help keep yourself in a flow state where co-creation with the Universe makes for a magical ride of surrender.

This is where your monthly subscription to Treasures From The Universe has your back!

When you ask to receive Treasures From The Universe, you’ll ultimately be guided with love, light, compassion and be given the special gifts you are meant to receive for each shift in your story!

Every plot twist, up, down and in-between moments – your treasures will be reminders from the Universe to surrender and to look within using the messages you receive each month.

You are the Creatrix/Creator and you get to ask for assistance whenever you so desire. This is why you’ve found Treasures From The Universe.

Are you ready to receive?

In each beautifully blessed box you’ll receive:

A personalized Intuitive Reading/Healing with a message specifically for you channeled through one of the gifted Goddesses from Treasures of the Universe
Inspiring & Healing Treasures are picked especially for you as a gift from the Universe – intuitively selected by the Goddess
Each box is made to order with love and no box will ever be exactly the same; pictures on the site are made just for reference.

Domestic shipping prices available for US, Canada, UK, & Philippines

There’s more!

You’ll receive exclusive access to a Facebook group designed to give you access to all those working within Treasures From The Universe and a community of like-minded souls. A space geared towards deeper, more meaningful connections.

Here, at Treasures, we’re dedicated to your potential and the possibilities for your life. Connecting with this group will allow us to serve you better and truly make a difference in your life. You’ll also be the first to know about any events, changes, and news. You get to grow with us!


We are proud to partner with We, The World ( – an organization dedicated to Connect, Mobilize, and Accelerate Global Social Change! 10% of profits from Treasures From The Universe are donated to this wonderful organization and all that they do to make our world a better place!


We are honored and blessed to have acquired Green Woman Store and carry on the mission built by Genny LaMorgan. Many of your Treasures will be curated from this site. We invite you to head over, take a look, sign up for the newsletter, and share!



Are you getting excited to find out what you’ll receive when you start your subscription to Treasures From The Universe?! We are excited and can’t wait to send your treasures intuitively chosen for you!

Oh and before you press subscribe below here’s a message we’d love for you to know:

Each reading is intuitively channeled and each piece is blessed with love, light and abundance just for you. No box is exactly the same. Each contributing Goddess is channeling and alchemizing exactly what you need for your journey each month!

That’s right, something new co-created just for you each and every month!

Take each piece of treasure and sit with it’s message, let it resonate within your BEing and touch the soul. This is where your answers lie. When the Universe speaks, its message is loud and clear, all you have to do is listen.

Now is the time to receive your Treasures from the Universe, so what are you waiting for?

We can’t wait to serve you and for you to see what the Universe has in store for you!

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Domestic shipping prices available for US, Canada, UK, & Philippines